About Us

Transformation Training Institute, INC nonprofit 501(c)(3) was founded in June of 2020 by Sandra V. Phillips, Director of Operations. It is a passion of founder, Ms. Phillips to provide affordable low-cost and free quality training's to behavioral health clinicians. Training's are provided with relevant topics to include multicultural and diversity. 

It is our hope to offer training's to a variety of diverse individuals, groups and organizations. TTI, INC. will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, marital status, political party, military status or disability in any of its activities and operations.

Mission Statement:

To transform, inspire and educate individual, communities and organizations in an effort to advance social equality. This will be established with training opportunities to cultivate positive change with the power of knowledge.

Vision Statement:

To change the world one person at a time in becoming a more perfect union, free of inequality based on race and social discrimination.


  1. Provide quality, interactive and free or cost-effective trainings designed to increase awareness of social and racial inequality, which shed light on disparities and its negative impact on society.

  2. Provide opportunities for professional development by enhancing clinical skills and knowledge of behavioral health professionals treating African-Americans and other minorities groups to include trauma informed and evidence-based trainings.

  3. Provide learning opportunities for primary and secondary educators to promote competency in the areas of multicultural and diversity; to foster better understanding and effective responses to all students.

  4. Provide support and ongoing leadership trainings to individuals, churches and other organizations to influence positive change, while meeting the needs of low-income African-Americans and other minorities within the community in an effort to eliminate and/or lessen disparities.

  5. Promote, support and leverage resources and tools to improve understanding and awareness of the negative impact on communities associated with both racial and social inequality to include mental health, substance abuse and underlying issues due to lack of assessable and affordable healthcare. 

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